Ski and Snowboard level guide

If you have any doubts about your level or that of your child, please refer to the level guide we have specially designed for you. In all cases, the level of each participant is systematically assessed at the beginning of the course.

Swiss Snow League

  • Getting to know the skis and the snow.
  • Walking, climbing uphill (turning around).
  • Skiing in the fall line with skis parallel and braking.
  • First changes of direction from the fall line.

Prince/Princess Blue

You learn how to go down the Blue slope with the snow plough with turn and acquire knowledge to parallel skiing. The child know how to ski in the fall Aims :

  • Information about equipment.
  • Climb stairs in scissors.
  • Skid and brake snowploughing.
  • Skid with parallel skis with steps and tricks.
  • Turning snowplough.

King/Queen Blue

The child know how to turn snow plough turns. Aims :

  • Traversing and tricks.
  • Side slipping.
  • Skiing with skis parallel over easy bumps and jumps.
  • Snow plough turns (wedge Christie) on an easy blues lope.

Star Blue

The child master turning snowploughs. Aims :

  • Turning in a miniature slalom jungle and in a set course.
  • Skiing over bumps and dips.
  • Skiing backwards (switch) with skis in a V shape with change of direction.
  • Snow Plough turns (wedge Christie).
  • On a versatile blue run.

Prince/Princess Red

You improve your skills with fun. You acquire the basics to jump and you learn to master red runs with parallel turns. Child masters turning snowploughs on red runs. Aims :

  • Break in parallel.
  • Turning steps on easy runs.
  • Waltzing.
  • Skidding parallel turn.

King/Queen Red

Child masters skidding parallel turns on red runs. Aims :

  • Short turns on an easy slop.
  • Skating step on the flat terrain.
  • Basic Air (small Kicker).
  • Parallel turns with various radii.

Star Red

Child masters parallel turns on different sections on red runs and medium difficulty black runs. Aims :

  • Parallel turns through a corridor of slalom gates and in a set courses.
  • Skidded parallel turns backwards (switch).
  • Single ski turns on an easy slope.
  • Short turns on an intermediate slope.

Black Level

Your aim is to go down all the slopes dynamically and comfortably. You master parallel turns on unprepared snow like an expert. Aims :

  • Short turns with pole planting on a difficult slope.
  • Jumps: Straights and fifty/fifty over box.
  • Parallel turns off-piste.
  • Carved parallel turns on a wide, easy slope.

Swiss Snow Academy

Skiing without limits on and off the piste, in the snowpark and between the doors characterise the Swiss Snow Academy.


Race :

  • Turns: Parallel turns “race” competition
  • Turns: Small “race” competition turn
  • Turns: Various carving turns (at least one).
  • Turns: Various small turns (at least one).
  • Turns: Competition technique in a given path
  • Air: Extension jump.
  • Race: Training or competition (at least 1 discipline): Giant slalom or Special slalom.


Freestyle :

  • Turns: Parallel “Switch” turn.
  • Air: Right jump with grab (two different jumps minimum).
  • Air: Air Trick Spins (180° oder 360°).
  • Tricks: Tricks on-piste 180° et Swedish 180°.
  • Box/Rail: Rotation on box or Rail.
  • Freestyle: Training or competition (at least 1 discipline): Pipe Basic Run, Quarterpipe or Skicross.



  • Information about security, avalanches and weather.
  • Safety: Training or competition (at least 1 discipline): DVA research or Read the avalanche bulletin.
  • Choice of line and stop off points.
  • Turns: Off-piste parallel turn with varying distance.
  • Turns: Creative trails/Powder 8.
  • Turns: Small turns in moguls.
  • Airs: Jumps above natural obstacles.
  • Freeride: Creative off-piste descent.

Prince/Princess Blue

I have never snowboarded before.

  • Information about equipment.
  • Dependency on the board.
  • Sliding, skidding, stopping.
  • Exercises for going up the ski lift.
  • Skidding turns.

King/Queen Blue

I know how to do skidding turns.

  • Information about using ski lifts.
  • Going up the ski lift safely.
  • Stop by counter-rotation.
  • Rapid change (front side and backside).
  • Turns by pre-co rotation (various rotations).

Star Blue

I know how to go up the ski lift, turn, do rapid changes.

  • Information about behaviour on the slopes (FIS Rules).
  • Jump over small jumps.
  • Small Fakie descent.
  • Wheeler.
  • Turns by rocking movements (various rocking movements).

Prince/Princess Red

I know how to go up the ski lift, turn, do small jumps and a bit of Fakie.

  • Information about nature, countryside and environment.
  • Jump by an Ollie movement (Basic Air).
  • Cross-over turns.
  • Short slide periods on the Front and the Back.
  • Mastered Fakie Descent on easy slopes.

King/Queen Red

I know how to do jump by Ollie, slide on the Front and Back, descend in Fakie.

  • Information about warming-up.
  • Slide 50/50 on an easy rail.
  • Small consecutive turns.
  • Cross-under turns.
  • Front and Back Turn.

Star Red

I know how to do several small consecutive turns, do front and back turns.

  • Information about tuning.
  • Carving turns.
  • Straight variants with grab on an average Backle jump.
  • Master slopes with variation.
  • Two different 180° on-piste.

Swiss Snow Academy

Slope, Park, Freeride.


I can carve, two different 180° on-piste.

  • Information about preparing material.
  • Fakie Carving on easy slopes.
  • Front and Back Turn backside.
  • Jump by N’ollie.
  • Dynamic carving.


I can do dynamic carving, front and back turns.

  • Information about the snow sport teacher set-up.
  • Small turns.
  • 4 different 180° on-piste by Ollie or N’ollie.
  • Straight variants with Tweak on average jumps.
  • 360° on-piste with slope help.


I know how to do small turns, 4 different 180° on-piste, a 360° on-piste.

  • Slope Tricks.
  • Freeride.
  • Park & Pipe.