FIS Rules

Rules of conduct for downhill skiers and snowboarders.

Respect for others

All skiers and snowboarders must behave in such a way that they cannot endanger or harm others.


Control of speed and behaviour

Control of speed and behaviour He must adapt his speed and behaviour to his personal abilities as well as to the general conditions of the terrain, the snow, the weather and the density of traffic on the slopes.


Management control

The upstream skier and snowboarder, whose dominant position allows the choice of a trajectory, must provide a direction that ensures the safety of the downstream skier and snowboarder.



The overtaking can be carried out, upstream or downstream, by the right or by the left, but always in a wide enough way to prevent the overtaken skier or snowboarder from moving.


Penetrate and enter the track and turn uphill

Every skier and snowboarder who enters a downhill slope, enters after a parking lot or executes an uphill turn must ensure by an examination of the uphill and downhill sections that he or she can do so without danger to himself or herself and to others.



All skiers and snowboarders must avoid unnecessarily parking on the slopes in narrow passages or without visibility. In case of a fall, the skier and snowboarder has to clear the piste as fast as possible.


Ascent and descent on foot

A skier or snowboarder who climbs must only use the edge of the piste. The same applies to skiers and snowboarders who descend on foot.


Respect for markings and signs

All skiers and snowboarders must respect the markings and signs.



In the event of an accident, all skiers and snowboarders must provide assistance.



Any skier or snowboarder who witnesses or is a party responsible or not responsible for an accident is obliged to make his or her identity known.


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